Alexa Not Discovering Blink Doorbell

To begin, make sure that the Blink SmartHome skill is enabled on your Alexa device. If it is disabled, you can easily enable it through the Alexa app or the Alexa website. Once the skill is enabled, attempt to discover the Blink doorbell again by following the proper setup instructions provided in the Blink SmartHome article.

When encountering issues with Alexa not discovering the Blink doorbell, it is essential to explore the functionalities of the Alexa app. Start by accessing the app and navigating to the Devices section, conveniently located in the bottom right-hand corner.

From there, proceed to the upper right-hand corner and tap on the option to Add Device. A list of available devices will be presented, including Cameras, among which the Blink doorbell should be listed. If it does not appear initially, the next step is to tap on the option to Discover Devices. By following these steps, users can ensure that Alexa successfully recognizes and integrates the Blink doorbell into its device network, enabling seamless interactions and access to its features.

If Alexa not discovering Ring Devices: No worries, we got you a solution.

Alexa Not Discovering Blink Doorbell

Alexa Not Discovering Blink Doorbell

Alexa may still have difficulty discovering the Blink doorbell despite the skill being enabled. This issue could be related to compatibility problems between the devices or a temporary connectivity glitch. To address this, ensure that both your Alexa device and the Blink doorbell are properly connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Restarting both devices can also help resolve any temporary issues.

By following these recommended steps, you can effectively troubleshoot the issue of Alexa not discovering the Blink doorbell.

Update your Blink and Alexa apps

If you’re an Alexa user, it’s crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest version of the Blink app. This app, available on your preferred app store, ensures seamless compatibility with smartphones, tablets, and various Alexa-enabled products. By installing the latest version, you can take full advantage of the enhanced features and improvements it offers.
Furthermore, the Blink app supports and integrates smoothly with Alexa, allowing you to conveniently control your Blink devices through voice commands. Keeping both the Alexa and Blink apps updated guarantees a seamless experience, ensuring that your Alexa-enabled devices can discover and interact flawlessly with your Blink doorbell. Therefore, make it a priority to regularly update both your Alexa and Blink apps to enjoy optimal performance and functionality.

Is your Alexa-enabled device up-to-date?

When it comes to ensuring that your Alexa-enabled device is up-to-date, one crucial aspect to consider is the Blink integration. By utilizing the Alexa app, you can seamlessly update both the app itself and your Alexa-enabled device. This ensures that you have the latest features and improvements at your fingertips.

By performing updates, not only do you keep your Alexa app and device up-to-date, but you also enable them to work seamlessly together. This synergy between the Alexa app and your Alexa-enabled device ensures that you can fully utilize the functionality and capabilities offered by both. From controlling your smart home devices to accessing a wide range of skills and services, staying up-to-date guarantees a smooth and efficient user experience.

Therefore, make it a priority to regularly check for updates and install them promptly. By doing so, you can unlock the full potential of your Blink-enabled Alexa device, taking advantage of the latest advancements and features. With every update, you enhance the capabilities of your Alexa app and Alexa-enabled device, ensuring a positive and enriching user experience.

Check your internet connection

To ensure a seamless experience with your Alexa-powered devices, such as the Blink doorbell, it is crucial to regularly check your internet connection. By monitoring the status of your internet subscription, you can guarantee uninterrupted access to the functionalities provided by Alexa. It is recommended to perform web searches on your computer or smartphone to verify that your connection is stable and working well.

When it comes to controlling your doorbell through Alexa, a reliable internet connection is a prerequisite. Ensure that your internet subscription has not expired, as this could potentially disrupt the connection between your Alexa device and the doorbell. By staying proactive and conducting periodic checks, you can maintain the smooth functioning of your smart home setup.

Put the frequency on 2.4 GHz.

The optimal frequency for efficient communication between Blink devices and the main servers is the 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. When setting up your Blink system, it is important to ensure that the 5 GHz channel is disabled. By doing so, you guarantee that the Blink devices are visible to the system and can seamlessly interact with your voice assistant. This step ensures a smooth and uninterrupted connection, enhancing the overall functionality of your Blink system. Taking care of these details during the setup process enables you to fully utilize the capabilities of your voice assistant and experience the seamless integration of your Blink devices with the Blink system’s main servers.

Enable Blink SmartHome Alexa skill

To get started, make sure you have the Alexa app installed on your device. Once you’ve set up the Blink app, it’s time to link your Blink and Alexa accounts. By doing so, you’ll unlock a world of possibilities in managing your smart home devices.

During the linking process, you’ll be prompted to enter your Blink account details, including your email address and password. This step ensures the secure connection between your Blink system and Alexa. Once you’ve entered the required information, simply tap “Continue” to proceed.

To ensure the integrity of your Blink account, a verification code will be sent to your mobile phone number. This additional security measure guarantees that only authorized individuals can access and control your Blink system. If you don’t receive the verification code within 2 minutes, you can easily request a resend.

Once the setup is complete, Alexa will commence the discovery of your Blink devices. Sit back and relax as Alexa seamlessly integrates with your Blink system, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and control your devices with simple voice commands. Should Alexa fail to automatically discover your Blink devices, you have the option to connect them manually for a hassle-free experience.

As an added layer of security, you can create a 4-digit voice code, also known as a personally identifiable number (PIN). This code acts as an authentication method to disarm your Blink system, ensuring that only authorized users can control it through Alexa.

Enabling the Blink SmartHome Alexa skill empowers you with the ability to effortlessly manage your Blink devices using voice commands. It offers a hands-free and convenient way to monitor and control your smart home, providing a seamless user experience. With its compatibility and ease of use, the Blink SmartHome skill is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their smart home capabilities.

Do you have an Alexa account in one of our supported markets?

Having an Alexa account opens up a world of possibilities with Amazon’s powerful voice assistant. Alexa, the virtual assistant driven by artificial intelligence, is at the heart of Amazon’s smart speaker ecosystem. With voice commands, users can effortlessly control their devices and access a range of services. To begin your Alexa journey, you can create an account by signing up and registering. Setting up and activating your Alexa account is a seamless process that allows you to unlock the full potential of this technology.

With Alexa, you can enjoy the convenience of hands-free control and explore the supported markets for a personalized experience.

Turn off Amazon Kids mode for your Alexa-enabled devices

To manage and customize the settings of your Alexa-enabled devices, including turning off the Amazon Kids mode, you can utilize the Alexa app. With the app, you have the ability to access various features and options to personalize your device experience. One of these features is the Echo & Alexa section, where you can navigate through different settings and configurations. By selecting your device, you can then proceed to the settings icon, which provides further options for customization.

Within the settings, you will find the option to enable or disable the Amazon Kids mode. This mode is designed to provide a child-friendly environment and restrict certain content and functionalities. However, if you encounter any issues or wish to deactivate the Amazon Kids mode, you can simply toggle the setting off.

During this process, you may be prompted to create a profile or choose an existing one. This step ensures that you have full control over the content accessible on your device and requires parental consent to proceed. By following the on-screen instructions, you can easily navigate through the profile setup and make necessary adjustments to meet your preferences.

Resolving any potential issues related to the Amazon Kids mode and turning it off can be done effortlessly through the Alexa app. By understanding the importance of parental consent and providing a streamlined user experience, Alexa ensures that you have a seamless and personalized experience with your Alexa-enabled devices.


Indoor and outdoor models, along with the sync module, play a crucial role. Alexa, the intelligent virtual assistant, is seamlessly integrated with these models, enabling smooth connectivity. If you happen to notice a red light on the hub, it indicates that the device is currently offline. In such a situation, I advise you to follow a simple power cycle to resolve the issue.

To initiate the power cycle, begin by unplugging the power cord from the wall outlet. Wait for approximately 10 seconds before plugging the cord back in and turning on your sync module. This action will trigger a reboot of the device, allowing it to reconnect within 45 seconds. Once the process is complete, if you observe a solid blue light alongside a solid green light, it signifies that your sync module is successfully connected, indicating that the problem has been resolved.

This restart process efficiently addresses the connectivity concerns, ensuring a seamless experience with your Alexa-enabled devices. By adhering to these steps, you can overcome any potential obstacles and restore the optimal functionality of your devices. Remember, a well-executed restart can fix issues related to the connection between Alexa and the Blink Doorbell, preventing instances where Alexa fails to discover the doorbell.

Manually discover your Blink devices

When using the Blink SmartHome Skill, Alexa provides a seamless integration for discovering your Blink devices. However, in certain cases, Alexa may not automatically detect these devices. In such situations, you can manually initiate the discovery process through the Alexa app. By tapping on the “Devices” option located in the bottom right-hand corner of the app, you gain access to a comprehensive list of connected devices. From this list, select the “Cameras” category and specifically choose the Blink option. To manually discover your Blink devices, tap on the “Discover Devices” button. Through this intuitive process, you can ensure that your Blink devices are successfully integrated with Alexa, allowing for convenient control and management of your home security system.

Reset Blink SmartHome Alexa Skill

To address this issue, the process of resetting the Blink SmartHome skill becomes paramount. By following a few simple steps, users can effectively reset the skill and restore its functionality. This ensures that Alexa regains the ability to discover Blink devices, enabling a seamless and hassle-free experience for the users.

Disabling the Blink SmartHome Alexa Skill

When it comes to disabling the Blink SmartHome Alexa Skill, users have a straightforward solution at their fingertips. By following a few simple steps within the Alexa app, one can easily remove the Blink devices from their Alexa setup. First, open the Alexa app and navigate to the “More” option located in the bottom right-hand corner. From there, access the “Skills & Games” section and proceed to select “Your Skills.” Within the list, locate the “Blink SmartHome” skill and tap on it. Once in the skill settings, click on “SETTINGS” and then choose “DISABLE SKILL.” This action effectively disables the Blink SmartHome skill from being associated with your Alexa device.

With the skill disabled, users can proceed to remove the specific Blink devices linked to Alexa. To do this, return to the Alexa app’s home screen and tap on “Devices” located in the bottom right-hand corner. From there, select the “Cameras” category and individually choose each of the Blink cameras listed. By tapping on the options located in the top right corner, users can then proceed to remove the respective Blink devices from their Alexa setup.

Re-enabling the Blink SmartHome Alexa Skill

To re-enable the Blink SmartHome Alexa Skill, follow these simple steps. Firstly, open the Blink app and navigate to Settings. Within the Settings menu, you will find the Account and Privacy option. Tap on it to proceed. Look for the Link to Alexa feature and select it. This will open the Alexa App on your device.

On the BLINK SMARTHOME screen within the Alexa App, you will see the option to enable the Blink Skill. Tap on “ENABLE TO USE” to initiate the process. A Link Account screen will appear, prompting you to enter the email address and password associated with your Blink account. Once entered, tap Continue to proceed.

Next, you will need to enter the verification code that was sent to the mobile phone number linked to your Blink account. This ensures the security of your account. If you don’t receive the code within 2 minutes, you can request a Resend Code. Once you have the code, enter it and tap Verify Code.

After verifying your account, tap CLOSE. Alexa will then begin to automatically discover your Blink devices. In case Alexa fails to detect your devices automatically, you can opt to connect them manually. This ensures that all your Blink devices are seamlessly integrated with Alexa.

Once Alexa successfully discovers your Blink devices, you will be prompted to create a 4-digit voice code. This code acts as an additional layer of security to disarm your Blink system using voice commands through Alexa. It is essential to set up this voice code to ensure the safety of your smart home. Please note that this voice code is also known as a personally identifiable number (PIN).


Why is my Blink doorbell not showing up on Alexa?

Disable and re-enable the Blink SmartHome Skill: Go to the Alexa app or the Alexa Skills section on the Alexa website and disable the Blink SmartHome Skill. Then, enable it again to refresh the connection between Blink and Alexa.

Manually discover your Blink devices: Open the Alexa app and navigate to the “Devices” section. Look for the option to manually discover devices, which is usually found in the settings or device management section. Follow the on-screen instructions to rediscover your Blink devices and establish the connection with Alexa.

Why is my Blink doorbell not detecting?

If your Blink doorbell is not detecting motion, there could be several reasons for this issue. One possibility is that the activity zones are set incorrectly in your Blink Home Monitor app. To address this, you can try resetting the zones in your app. Go to the settings menu and select activity zones. Then, tap on the option to reset zones. This action may fix the motion detection problem you are experiencing with your Blink doorbell.

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