How to Add Contacts to Alexa Without a Phone?

To add contacts to alexa, navigate to the “Contacts” section, conveniently placed within the menu accessed by tapping the three dots in the upper right corner. With a simple selection of “Add contact,” you can provide the necessary information for your desired contact. Alexa, being an integral part of our everyday life, simplifies various tasks, such as playing music, turning on the radio, activating the TV, and even making calls. With this guide, we aim to ensure that you can fully utilize Alexa’s capabilities, including adding and managing your contacts seamlessly.

However, it is important to note that, currently, adding contacts to Alexa without a phone is not possible. The Alexa app serves as the essential tool for managing contacts, requiring a smartphone for access. Nevertheless, we provide a step-by-step method to guide you through the process of adding contacts to Alexa, ensuring a smooth experience for connecting with your contacts.

How to Add Contacts to Alexa Without a Phone

How to Add Contacts to Alexa Without a Phone?

Adding contacts to Alexa without a phone is a convenient feature offered by the Alexa app. With just a few simple steps, you can easily expand your Contacts list and enhance your communication capabilities. By using the Alexa app, you gain access to a user-friendly interface where you can manage your contacts effortlessly.

To begin, open the Alexa app on your preferred device. Once inside, navigate to the Communicate section, which can be easily identified by the distinctive Contacts icon. By selecting this icon, you will be presented with various communication options and settings.

To add a new contact, locate the Menu icon within the Communicate section. This icon serves as a gateway to additional functionalities. Upon clicking the Menu icon, a menu will appear, offering you different choices. Look for the option labeled “Add Contact” and click on it to proceed.

A contact form will now appear on your screen, allowing you to enter the necessary details. Fill in the name and phone number of the contact you wish to add. Double-check the accuracy of the information before proceeding. Once you are satisfied, click on the Save button to finalize the addition of the contact.

After completing these steps, the newly added contact will become available in your Contacts list within the Alexa app. This seamless integration ensures that your contacts are easily accessible whenever you need them. Whether you want to make a hands-free call or send a message, the Alexa app provides a comprehensive solution for managing your contacts efficiently.

Adding contacts to Alexa through the Alexa app

Adding contacts to Alexa through the Alexa app is a simple and convenient process. To begin, open the Alexa app on your device. You can easily locate the app by finding the Alexa app icon, which is usually a person-shaped icon, on the bottom of the screen.

Once you have opened the app, navigate to the menu by tapping on the three-dot icon located in the top-right corner of the screen. Within the menu, you will find various options, including the “Import Contacts” option. Tap on this option to proceed with adding contacts to Alexa.

To activate the Import Contacts feature, simply toggle the button to the “on” position. This will enable Alexa to access your contact list and synchronize it with the app. With your contacts imported, you can now effortlessly call or message anyone from your contact list using Alexa.

If you wish to establish a more direct connection, you can ask Alexa to “Drop In” on those individuals who are already using an Alexa-enabled device. This allows for seamless communication between Alexa devices.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that you have control over who can contact you through your Echo device(s) and the Alexa app. By accessing the Conversations section in the menu, you can choose specific contacts to restrict or block. Simply select the desired contact, click on the three-dot menu icon, and choose the appropriate option.

Creating separate entries into the Alexa app

When it comes to creating separate entries into the Alexa app, there are various features and options that can be utilized. One of these is the Communicate option, which can be accessed through the Alexa app. By clicking on the Contacts icon and selecting the three-dot menu option, users can navigate to the Add Contact option.

Once in the Add Contact section, users can input the necessary details for the new entry, such as the person’s name, contact information, and any additional notes. After filling in the required information, simply tap the save button to create the separate entry in the Alexa app.

Another convenient way to add contacts is by importing them from an existing contact list. By choosing the import option, users can easily transfer their contacts to the Alexa app, saving time and effort. This feature allows for the quick and seamless integration of individual entries into the Alexa app.

To finalize the process, users can simply tap the done button to exit the Add Contact screen. The new entry will then be visible in the upper right corner of the app, ensuring easy access and management of the contact list.

By following these simple steps, users can efficiently create separate entries for contacts in the Alexa app, making it easier to communicate with individuals through voice commands. The Alexa app offers a user-friendly interface and streamlined process for managing contact information.

Editing the Alexa contact list

Editing the Alexa contact list is a convenient and user-friendly process, allowing you to manage your contacts effortlessly. By utilizing the Alexa app on your smartphone, you can easily modify your contact list with just a few simple steps.

To begin, open the Alexa app on your smartphone and navigate to the Communicate option. You will find this option represented by an icon that resembles two chat bubbles. Tap on it to proceed.

Within the Communicate section, locate the Contacts icon and select it. This will lead you to the contact management screen, where you can view and edit your existing contacts. Here, you have the flexibility to add, remove, or modify any contact as per your preference.

To edit a specific contact, simply locate the person’s name from the list and tap on it. You will be directed to a screen displaying the contact’s details, such as their first name, last name, number, and email address. Make the necessary changes by tapping on the Edit button.

If you wish to import contacts from your mobile’s contacts directly, Amazon provides a convenient import contact feature. This feature allows you to synchronize your mobile’s contacts with your Alexa contact list seamlessly. By doing so, you can keep your contact information up to date effortlessly.

Once you have made the desired changes, don’t forget to save them. You can do this by tapping on the Save button, ensuring that all your modifications are successfully applied. This way, your Alexa contact list will be promptly updated with the latest information.

Interacting with contacts through Alexa

Interacting with contacts through Alexa provides a convenient and efficient way to stay connected. By adding your contacts to Alexa, you can effortlessly access their information, make calls, send messages, and even utilize the Drop In feature. Adding contacts is simple, as you only need to provide their name and the Echo device they are associated with. Once added, you have immediate access to engage with them at any time.

With Alexa, your contacts’ information is conveniently saved and can be displayed on the screen of compatible devices. You can effortlessly turn on this feature in the settings and enjoy a visual representation of your contacts while interacting with them. Whether you want to make a call, send a message, or initiate a chat with a contact, Alexa’s voice command capability makes it effortless and hands-free.

Reasons why Alexa might not be able to find your contacts

One of the common reasons why Alexa might not be able to find your contacts is due to internet connectivity issues. Alexa relies on a stable Wi-Fi connection to access and retrieve your contact information. If your Wi-Fi connection is weak or intermittent, it can hinder Alexa’s ability to find and retrieve the contacts you’re looking for.

Another factor that can prevent Alexa from finding your contacts is the phone itself. Alexa needs to be properly linked with your phone’s contacts in order to access them. If the linking process was not completed correctly or if there are any compatibility issues between Alexa and your phone, it can result in a failure to find the desired contacts.

In some cases, the use of VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) can also interfere with Alexa’s contact finding capabilities. VPNs can sometimes alter or block certain connections, which can affect Alexa’s ability to retrieve contact information. If you’re using a VPN, try disconnecting it temporarily to see if it resolves the issue.

Additionally, it’s worth considering whether your phone has any metered or restricted data settings enabled. Some phones have settings that restrict data usage for certain apps, and this can include Alexa’s ability to find contacts. Ensure that Alexa is allowed to access data properly by checking your phone’s settings.

Switching off certain features on your phone, such as battery-saving modes or power-saving settings, can also cause limitations for Alexa’s contact finding functionality. These modes are designed to conserve battery power and may restrict certain app activities, including contact retrieval. Make sure that Alexa and its associated features are not affected by such settings.

While these factors might cause issues with Alexa finding your contacts, it’s important to note that there can be other reasons as well. Troubleshooting the aforementioned areas should help resolve the problem in most cases. If you are still experiencing difficulties, contacting customer support for further assistance is always recommended.


Adding contacts to Alexa without a phone is a convenient feature that enhances the functionality of your home. With Alexa, you can make seamless Alexa to Alexa calls using your Echo device. Additionally, you can even contact individuals who do not possess an Alexa account, broadening your communication options.

Although adding contacts to Alexa typically requires a smartphone, it can be easily accomplished through the Alexa app. By importing your contact list into Alexa, you gain access to a comprehensive network of connections at your fingertips.

Once your contacts are successfully imported, you can effortlessly command Alexa to initiate conversations with specific individuals. Simply instruct Alexa to contact the person you wish to chat with, and she will promptly be at your service, ready to facilitate your communication needs.


Can you set up Alexa without a mobile phone?

No, you cannot set up Alexa without a mobile phone. In the given content, it is mentioned that you need a smartphone to set up the Alexa connect on the local wifi. The setup process involves using the Alexa app on the smartphone to configure and connect the device. Therefore, a mobile phone is required to complete the setup process for Alexa.

Can you add contacts to echo show without smartphone?

No, unfortunately, it’s not possible to add contacts to the Echo Show without a smartphone. The Echo Show is connected to the Alexa app, which is required to manage various settings, including adding contacts. The smartphone serves as a necessary tool to access the Alexa app and make changes to the device’s functionality, such as adding or editing contacts. Without a smartphone, the options for managing the Echo Show’s features and settings are limited.

Why can’t I add contacts to Alexa?

It seems that the content is related to using an app that may require permission to access your contacts. If you are unable to add contacts to Alexa, it could be due to the following reasons:

  1. Permission Issue: Ensure that the app you are using has been granted permission to access your contacts. If this is your first time using the app, it may prompt you to allow access.
  2. Navigation Steps: To add contacts to Alexa, you need to follow these steps:
    a. Open the app and go to your contacts list.
    b. Look for the three-button menu in the upper-right corner of the screen and tap on it.
    c. From the menu options that appear, select “Import Contacts.”
    d. If the option is not enabled, tap the blue toggle button to turn on “Import Contacts.”
    By following these steps, you should be able to add contacts to Alexa successfully.
  3. Troubleshooting: If you have followed the above steps and still cannot add contacts to Alexa, there may be an issue with the app or your device settings. Try restarting the app or your device, ensuring that both are updated to the latest version. If the problem persists, you may need to seek technical support for further assistance.

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