How to Connect Alexa to Spotify on Iphone

When it comes to connecting Alexa to Spotify on your iPhone, you’ll be delighted to discover the seamless integration between these two powerful platforms. With just a few taps on your phone, you can easily link your Spotify account to your Amazon Alexa device, opening up a world of endless music streaming options. Whether it’s the priority of having millions of songs and podcasts at your fingertips or the convenience of controlling your music with voice commands, the combination of Spotify and Alexa will undoubtedly enhance your listening experience.

To begin the process, make sure you have the Alexa app installed on your iPhone. Open the app and navigate to the settings section, where you’ll find a variety of options to customize your Alexa experience. Select the “Music and Podcasts” option, and from there, tap on “Link New Service.” Among the list of available services, choose Spotify, the music streaming source that has captivated millions of users worldwide.

Once you’ve selected Spotify, follow the prompts provided by the app. This will include signing into your Spotify account, ensuring that all your favorite playlists, artists, and personalized recommendations seamlessly integrate with your Alexa device. The link between Spotify and Alexa is established effortlessly, allowing you to enjoy your preferred music effortlessly.

Now, imagine the convenience of controlling your music simply by using your voice or a few taps on your phone. Picture yourself effortlessly turning on your Amazon Echo speakers and having your favorite songs fill your home, creating the perfect ambiance for any occasion. With Alexa and Spotify working harmoniously together, you can accomplish this and so much more.

How to Connect Alexa to Spotify on Iphone

How to connect Spotify to Alexa? Here’s How

To connect Alexa to Spotify on your iPhone and enjoy seamless music streaming, you’ll need the Spotify app, an Amazon Alexa-equipped speaker such as Echo Studio or Sonos Beam, and the Alexa app installed on your device. First, make sure you have existing Spotify and Amazon accounts. Whether you have a Free or Premium Spotify account, you can easily link it to Alexa for an enhanced music experience.

To begin, open the Alexa app on your iPhone and navigate to the Settings menu. Scroll down and select “Music and Podcasts.” From there, tap on “Link New Service” and follow the prompts to sign in to your Spotify account. Once you’ve successfully linked your accounts, you can now enjoy the convenience of playing your favorite Spotify music and playlists through Alexa.

If you prefer to avoid adding “on Spotify” every time you ask Alexa to play music, you can set Spotify as your default music service. Within the Music and Podcasts menu, you’ll find the option to customize your default services. For instance, you can choose Spotify as the default for on-demand music and artist/genre stations, while opting for Apple Podcasts to keep your podcast history synced with Apple’s native Podcasts app.

By connecting Alexa to Spotify, you gain access to a vast library of songs, albums, and tracks. Premium subscribers can enjoy uninterrupted music playback without ads and have the ability to play any song or album on demand. Free listeners can still enjoy their music by shuffling playlists or exploring mixes based on their favorite artists, albums, or tracks.

How do you play Spotify music on Alexa devices?

To enjoy your favorite Spotify music on Alexa devices, follow these simple steps. First, make sure your Spotify and Alexa accounts are linked seamlessly. Once connected, you can use voice commands to play music effortlessly. Just say, “Alexa, play [Artist/Album/Song/Podcast/Playlist]” and Alexa will start playing the requested content.

For instance, if you want to listen to the mesmerizing sounds of Godspeed You Black Emperor or the groovy beats of DJ Food, simply say, “Alexa, play [Artist] on Spotify.” Alexa will understand your request and start playing the music you love. You can also shuffle playlists like “The Best Ambient Playlist You’ll Find on Spotify” or listen to the latest episode of “Fire Escape Cast” by saying, “Alexa, shuffle [Playlist/Podcast] on Spotify.”

If you have specific preferences, such as playing music in a particular room or on a group of speakers, Alexa has got you covered. Just mention the desired location, like “Alexa, play music by Flying Lotus in the Kitchen,” or simply request to play your personalized playlists everywhere by saying, “Alexa, play my Release Radar playlist everywhere.” Alexa’s ability to understand and fulfill these contextual requests ensures a customized listening experience.

In case you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can initiate playback directly from the Spotify mobile or desktop apps. Once the music starts, tap or click on the Spotify Connect button, represented by a speaker in front of a TV, and select from the list of Spotify-compatible devices on your local Wi-Fi network. This way, you can seamlessly switch playback to your Alexa speakers and enjoy the music without interruptions.

It’s important to note that you can only have one stream per Spotify account. However, if multiple individuals in your household wish to enjoy their personalized libraries simultaneously, you can consider joining multiple Amazon accounts in an Amazon Household. By assigning each person their own Spotify account, they can ask Alexa to switch profiles whenever they want to access their specific music library, ensuring everyone has their own personalized experience.

How to set up Spotify as default music player with Alexa

To set up Spotify as the default music player with Alexa, you can seamlessly integrate these two powerful platforms. With the Alexa app and your Alexa-enabled device, such as Amazon Echo, you can enjoy a seamless music experience using simple voice commands. Begin by opening the Alexa app, where you’ll find a plethora of options to customize your settings and preferences.

Navigate to the “Settings” section within the app, accessible through the More tab located at the bottom toolbar. Within the Settings menu, choose “Music & Podcasts” to access the extensive range of services available. Here, you have the opportunity to designate Spotify as your default music player, ensuring a streamlined experience every time you request music.

By tapping on “Default Services,” you can explore various options and make the necessary adjustments to your preferences. In the process, you’ll encounter a selection labeled “Change” next to the existing default music player. Selecting this option will provide you with the opportunity to choose Spotify as your preferred default player.

Once you have made your selection, simply tap “Done” to confirm the changes. With this method, you empower your Alexa device to effortlessly play your favorite tracks and playlists from Spotify without the need to explicitly mention “On Spotify” in your voice commands.

It’s important to note that while this integration enhances the music listening experience, it doesn’t directly apply to podcasts. Therefore, for podcast enthusiasts, it remains necessary to specify that you want a particular podcast to be played via Spotify in your voice commands.


Why can’t I link my Spotify to Alexa?

To link your Spotify account to Alexa, you may encounter issues. However, there are several steps you can take to resolve this problem. First, make sure to revoke the Alexa access from your Spotify account through a web browser. This will help reset any previous settings that might be causing the issue. Additionally, ensure that Spotify is set as your default music service on both Alexa and the associated device. Clearing the app cache on your device can also help resolve any compatibility issues between Spotify and Alexa. Finally, if the problem persists, try resetting your Alexa device.

It’s important to note that Alexa works seamlessly with Spotify, whether you have a free or premium account. By following these steps and ensuring the correct settings, you should be able to link your Spotify account successfully to Alexa.

Why won t Alexa connect to iPhone?

There could be several reasons why Alexa is not connecting to an iPhone. One possible reason is that the Alexa device might be experiencing a power issue. You can try restarting the Alexa device or ensuring it’s getting adequate power with its original power cable.

Another potential reason could be related to the Bluetooth connection between the Alexa device and the iPhone. If you can see the device on your iPhone but it won’t connect, you can try turning Bluetooth off and back on. Sometimes, resetting the Bluetooth connection can help establish a successful connection.

If the above steps don’t work, you can also try restarting your iPhone. Sometimes, a simple phone restart can resolve connectivity issues.

Overall, troubleshooting the connection problem between Alexa and an iPhone involves checking the power supply, resetting Bluetooth, and restarting the devices involved.

Does Alexa work with iPhone?

Yes, Alexa is compatible with iPhones. The Alexa app can work on iPhones running iOS 14.0 and above. So, if you have an iPhone with iOS 14.0 or a newer version, you can download and install the Alexa app from the App Store. Once installed, you can use the Alexa app on your iPhone to interact with your Alexa-enabled devices, control smart home devices, and access various Alexa features and skills.

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