Why Does Alexa Not Support YouTube Music

A best bet for users who want YouTube Music on their Alexa device is to pair it with a Bluetooth device, like an iPhone or a laptop. This allows for music streaming from other apps too. The question of Why Does Alexa Not Support YouTube Music has been an ongoing topic. The reasons are not explicitly mentioned, so users often resort to alternative solutions.

Why Does Alexa Not Support YouTube Music

Why Does Alexa Not Support YouTube Music

Amazon’s Echo devices, such as Echo Shows and Echo Spot, are designed to support a list of music services, carefully detailed on their product description page. Interestingly, while they are able to use YouTube, the streaming of YouTube Music is not supported.

While the Amazon Echo harmoniously hosts a myriad of music streaming services, such as Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Music Unlimited, Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and TuneIn, the absence of YouTube Music is notably marked. This omission stems from the fact that Google and Amazon are competitors in this space. The Echo device once played YouTube Music, however, Amazon removed it from the list of compatible streaming apps some years ago, making it impossible to stream YouTube Music directly.

On the brighter side, solutions exist to circumvent this limitation. Enthusiasts wanting to experience YouTube Music on their Echo device can find ways by checking out posts or tutorials readily available online. These guides show users how to configure their Echo to play YouTube Music despite the existing competition between Google and Amazon. Therefore, although the Echo may not natively support YouTube Music, you can still enjoy your favorite tunes with a little bit of know-how and effort.

What is Alexa?

Alexa, developed by Amazon, is an advanced intelligent virtual assistant. It is designed for voice-based interaction, which enables it to understand and perform various tasks through natural language commands.

This cutting-edge tool continues to evolve, integrating new features to enhance user experience. It’s not just about answering questions; Alexa is also able to control smart home devices, offering a comprehensive solution for modern living.

In terms of capabilities, Alexa’s performance is dynamic. It seamlessly answers queries, controls various devices, and even learns from interactions, adapting over time to provide a more personalized experience.

What is YouTube Music?

YouTube Music is a streaming service offered by YouTube, providing access to a vast library of songs, playlists, and official music videos. The service is available on various platforms and integrates seamlessly with Google services and devices.

The service offers on-demand music listening, giving users the ability to create personalized playlists from its extensive catalogue. Additionally, users can enjoy a unique visual music experience by exploring music videos in the library.

What sets YouTube Music apart is its personalized recommendations, enhancing the user’s music discovery process. With such advanced capabilities, users can truly appreciate the rich and diverse content that YouTube Music provides.

Solution for Playing YouTube Music on Amazon Echo through Bluetooth

If you’re looking to enjoy your favorite tracks from YouTube Music seamlessly on your Amazon Echo, there’s a solution. It involves the combination of Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth-enabled devices such as an iPhone or an Android phone, and your Echo device.

It’s important to explore the possibilities and consider the quality and reliability of the devices involved. I recommend Amazon’s Echo Dot, a compact, feature-rich smart speaker. Its excellent compatibility with Amazon Alexa makes it an ideal companion for your music streaming needs.

The Echo Dot is equipped with built-in Bluetooth functionality, enabling a seamless play of YouTube Music on your Echo device. So, if you’ve been seeking a solution for playing YouTube Music on Amazon Echo through Bluetooth, this could be the perfect fit.

Put Your Echo in Bluetooth Pairing Mode

To enhance your audio experience with an Echo device, it’s essential to establish a seamless connectivity with Bluetooth devices. Initiate the Bluetooth pairing mode by simply activating voice commands with Alexa. Say “Alexa, pair” or “Alexa, search for Bluetooth devices,” and your Echo device is ready to connect.

For those who prefer a visual approach, the Amazon Alexa app on your smartphone provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Navigate to the “Devices” section and select the desired Echo device. In the “Bluetooth Connections” section, tap “Connect a device” to establish the pairing mode.

The process is straightforward and smooth, thanks to the app’s designed user-friendly interface. It allows you to manage and navigate the variety of options available for your Echo and Alexa devices effortlessly. This practical solution expands your audio options and unleashes the full potential of your Echo device, providing a hassle-free experience.

Search for Echo Devices on the Connected Device

Beginning your journey of connecting Echo devices to your phone, both iPhone and Android users have intuitive, user-friendly methods designed to streamline the process. Accessing the necessary settings is the initial step. On an iPhone, tap into the ‘Settings’ menu, choosing ‘Bluetooth’ to unveil a list of available devices, with your Echo device ready to pair. For Android device owners, the actions slightly differ. Begin by clicking the ‘Settings’ option, then start looking for the ‘Connected devices’ section.

Pairing your Echo device is as straightforward as selecting ‘Pair new device,’ which displays a list containing your Echo among other devices. Regardless of the steps differing, the functionality remains user-friendly, providing a seamless experience. Both procedures, whether tapping or selecting, unlock exciting features, enhancing your audio experience and smart home control, offering a wealth of information at your disposal.

The convenience and versatility of Bluetooth technology are apparent when you establish the connection between your device and the Echo device. The enhancement in your audio experience, smart home control capabilities, and access to information comes with ease. You’re encouraged to take advantage of this seamless integration, making the most of your smart home ecosystem.


How do I add YouTube Music to Alexa?

To play YouTube Music on Alexa, you need to connect your phone to the Echo device via Bluetooth. Start by scrolling down from the status bar and long-pressing the Bluetooth icon. Proceed to scan for a new Bluetooth device, selecting the Echo device from the list of available connections. Once paired, open the YouTube Music app on your phone and select the song you want to play. After you’ve chosen your song, simply tap on ‘Play’ to enjoy YouTube Music through your Alexa-enabled Echo device.

What music can you play through Alexa?

You can play a wide variety of music through Alexa by linking several music services to your Amazon Echo. These services include Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, Spotify, Tidal, TuneIn, Vevo, and Global Player. However, you will need an account with each respective service before you can access it through your Echo device.

Can you use YouTube Music on Google Home?

Yes, you can use YouTube Music on Google Home. To do this, you need to launch the Google Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Then, tap the account settings option on the app’s main home screen. As you scroll down, you will find the Music option. Tap on it and select YouTube Music to link the streaming service to your smart speaker and make it your default music provider.


In conclusion, while it’s true that Amazon Alexa does not natively support YouTube Music due to reasons that exist between Amazon and Google, users have discovered effective workarounds to enjoy their favorite tracks. By leveraging the power of Bluetooth technology, users can pair their Amazon Echo with their iPhone or Android devices and play YouTube Music seamlessly. Whether it’s using voice commands or a more hands-on approach with the Amazon Alexa app, pairing your Echo with other devices is a hassle-free process.

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